Law Office Manager

Margo Ann Dowd

Margo Ann Dowd, received her Associates in Paralegal Studies in 1993, a Bachelors in Business Administration in  and a Bachelors in Law in 2012. She  received her Juris Doctor in 2014 she is currently studying to take the California Bar Exam.  Margo is passionate in providing low-cost, professional legal services  she realized over a decade ago, there was a huge cross-section of the community who were unable to afford an Attorney. So Margo connected with Attorney Baldwin-Kennedy to assist her with her with this vision.   Our firm is dedicated to helping those navigate  legal system and Margo will be there with you from the opening of your case until the close.   Margo is the case manager on all files in the Inland Empire office and on all Family Law matters in both the Canyon Lake and the Inland Empire office. Margo is well versed in legal research, civil and criminal procedure as well as bankruptcy codes.

Mike Ross, JD
Law Clerk